The 11 best beaches of Greece

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Oh my God, what blue are you spending to keep us from seeing you! Odysseus Elytis (Famous Greek poet) Only with this verse, we could give a sense of sea in Greece. In the country we are living, almost everywhere you come across blue, from the blue of the sunny sky to the blue...

Basic tips for cheap flights

unique tripz tips for cheap flights

Basic Tips for booking cheap flights You found your next dream destination to visit and you feel super amazed but when it comes the time to book the flight you realize that is too expensive! Hey, don't get disappointed we are here to help you! Well, we have all been in this situation and...

8 simple ways to travel more

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Eight simple ways to travel more You think you love restaurant chains and comfortable seating until you suddenly find yourself in a distant eclectic night market where you discover that you are tasting bites of incredible food through a paper dish. You think you know your favourite coffee until you get to a place...

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