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Except travelling, sharing our adventures and having fun, we also like helping others to travel safe, comfortable and as cheap as possible by recommending our resources, sharing tips and finding promotions & deals. The one thing though that makes significant difference and keeps us happy is supporting the local communities and spreading inspiration to people we meet at the places we travel.

We Travel

To travel is to live, and we live to travel! No matter what happens to our lives and what difficulties pop up, we stay strong and try to find our balance through travelling. We believe it is essential for our well being. Start travelling now and change the way you see the world!

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When we book flights, accommodation, tours or we buy travel accessories we always search in depth cause we want the best quality at the best price. Only after, and if we are pleased with the result, we recommend to everyone else.

We Have Fun

Travelling alone or with friends sometimes is not so important. What really is the key is having fun! We love trying activities new to us. Maybe trekking on volcanos, playing with locals or experimenting with bizarre food. Don't be afraid to try new things in your live, it's so much fun!

We Support

We like supporting the communities at the places we travel, either by working closely with local artisans and promoting their crafts, sharing amazing tours curated by hill tribe guides or by helping local businesses in online marketing projects. We also contribute to a family in Africa via iNGO.

We Share

Sharing our experiences and stories is one of the reasons we created this travel blog. We hope through sharing our content we can inspire and awake people to travel more often, more responsibly, to feel alive and to pursue their dreams no matter what!

We Search Travel Deals

One of the things we enjoy the most is searching for our next destination. We browse through various airline companies, online travel agents and look for secret offers so we can get the best deals available. Join us and let's find your next adventure together.

Few Words About Us

Couple in life and travellers in the soul. Based in Greece but our feet take us everywhere! We like exploring new places, meeting new cultures and people, having fun and tasting exotic foods. Our purpose is not only to enjoy every moment of our trips but also to spread the world about unique destinations, experiences and unveil stories through our photography.

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Vladee | the curious travel addict

The man behind the Unique Tripz blog: I started my trips in 2011 when i was 27 and since then i have not stopped. All destinations on this planet are unique but my favourite is Southeast Asia where i can find a plethora of street food, amazing people and a warm climate. I love travelling with friends and having great fun but sometimes i prefer wandering alone, following my own pace, having zero responsibilities and total freedom. My daily program includes my full-time work and lately, i am into real estate, photography and crossfit during my free time. Because i like meeting people who share the same passion you are always welcome to contact or visit me.

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Eugenie | the goodtime seeker

The lady behind the scenes: My name is Eugenie and i am in a constant quest of having a good time. After finishing my studies as an economist i found my passion in travelling, dancing, fashion and cooking. My favourite season is summer cause I like relaxing on the beach reading books, taking photos and playing with my dog. But except being lazy i am also an adventurer and i never miss a chance to go trekking, climbing or exploring a new country. I assist and organize the sightseeing part in our trips and keep notes for our travel articles. If you share the same hobbies or ideas contact me, i would love to meet same-minded people.

Our Belief

Our beliefs around life have changed and keep changing day after day. That happened thanks to the trips we made the past 9 years. When we were young and wild we didn't really care about much anything, we did things with less meaning and spent our time and money mostly on material goods. But as we were growing up and travelling more to new places, meeting new cultures and people we realized that we started to change. Away from home, we were discovering our new selves, with more awareness, more compassion, more meaning and simplicity, as life doesn't have to be too complex. Every new trip offers us new emotions, new experiences and keeps as passionate to continue our adventures. Those journeys helped us see things from a different perspective. That's why we want to inspire everyone to become an explorer, a restless traveller and start to transform your life by enjoying every moment of it.

''There will always be excuses not to travel, but remember that life is short and the world is huge. So do yourself a favor and go book a ticket to somewhere''

Unique Tripz

Latest Work

Can you imprint your unique moments, express your travel stories and show amazing places you have visited through a photo? damn yes! and that's what we do... We have passion for photography and we love sharing our work, our moments. It makes us joyful and creative. But except for taking shots for fun, we also undertake projects for social media marketing purposes. We have worked with several businesses such as boutique hotels, hostels, restaurants, cafes and artisans. From simple social media marketing projects with beautiful photos to building professional websites or e-commerce stores. You can find more about our projects on our Work With Us page.

Live An Xperience

Are you excited when visiting new destinations and love to explore hidden beaches, off the beaten path trails, Insta-cafes, great street food and meet locals? Want to live an amazing experience with us? Then our new private tours are exactly what you've been looking for.


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Unique Tripz

10 Αffordable & Unique Destinations in Europe to Visit TodayYou don't need to pay much for a priceless experience! Escaping to any of these undiscovered cities will shake something in your soul and steal a piece of your heart - and that will not cost you much as all of them are cheap to fly to!

Are you ready for this adventure?


The beautiful capital of Slovakia is surrounded by vineyards and mountains, crisscrossed with hiking and cycling trails.


A city in Spain’s Andalusia region with an hour's drive away from the Mediterranean Sea.


Known internationally for having some of the best beaches in the world, the southern coast of Portugal is an amazing holiday destination.


Be fascinated by underground grottoes and secluded caves on your holiday and go to Lanzarote, Spain!


Cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Hungary's capital has lots of important museums and famous cultural institutions to visit.


'La Ville Rose' is one of the liveliest provincial towns in France that you will come across!


Known for a somber but interesting history, Krakow has lots of museums, memorials and the Schindler Factory.


Estonia's capital is a treasure of the Baltic and has well-preserved, medieval streets and sights.


The junction of the Sava and Danube rivers as well as the chaotic past make the city a special place to visit.


The town of Chania is situated on the northwestern coast of Crete island, in Greece. Best known for a holiday filled with sun, sea and the beach.
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Unique Tripz

3 Books to read before visiting IndiaIndia, a mythical country with captivating landscapes, rich culture, fascinating history, friendly people and unique delicious food. Who wouldn’t love to visit it and explore the far mysterious north or the idilic sandy coasts of the south...

But before things get safe again to travel we decided to suggest you a few books to look into. Those 3 books will inspire and intriguer you for an adventure that you will remember your entire life.

Around India in 80 Trains, Monisha Rajesh

Inspired by Jules Verne and memories of the three years she spent in Chennai as a child, British journalist Monisha Rajesh reconnected with her ancestral roots in the winter of 2009 by going on an epic 40,000-kilometer odyssey down India’s railway network. Along with her chosen travel companion, a photographer friend dubbed “Passepartout” who challenges her worldview from the get-go with his militant atheism, she traverses the length and breadth of the country over the course of four months. Rajesh revels in the luxury of the Golden Chariot, braves Mumbai’s infamously jam-packed commuter trains, marvels at the similarity between a vintage steam locomotive on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and Thomas the Tank Engine, and hops aboard the Lifeline Express, a hospital on wheels that provides a vital service for millions of rural Indians without access to medical care. Along the way, she meets a colorful cast of characters from all walks of life, creating a captivating portrait of India as seen through the eyes of a second-generation emigrant.

Find it on Amazon: amzn.to/3gAoDju

All Roads Lead to Ganga, Ruskin Bond

One of the most prolific and eminent authors in India today, Ruskin Bond’s 1992 travel memoir offers a nostalgic look back on his own encounters with the country’s sacred “Mother River,” the various places he has visited or lived in nearby, and the people of those areas—all over a period spanning more than 40 years. All Roads Lead to Ganga is an homage to the beauty of the Himalayan landscape found along the upper Ganges: Bond waxes lyrical about the mighty mountains and deep valleys, the abundant flora and fauna of both Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, the villages and dharamshalas (public resthouses or shelters) at various shrines, and reflects on the state of the Ganges at the confluence of its two headstreams, the Alaknanda and the Bhagirathi. Peppered with anecdotes gleaned from various stages of Bond’s life, including his boyhood in the Dehradun of the 1940s, this book reminds us of the simple joys of living in nature.

Find it on Amazon: amzn.to/36Or7Gj

Following Fish: Travels Around the Indian Coast, Samanth Subramanian

“Fishing is still elemental in the most elemental sense of the word—an activity composed of water and air and light and space, all arranged in precarious balance around the central idea of a man in a boat, waiting for a bite.” So writes Samanth Subramanian in this enlightening exploration of how saltwater fish is caught, prepared, eaten, and revered across India. The book starts off in the markets of Kolkata to shop for the celebrated hilsa, a relative of herring, and looks at the Bengali obsession with the fish. Subramanian then veers inland to Hyderabad to meet a family that treats asthma patients by giving them a live, medicine-stuffed murrel to swallow on an annual basis. Other chapters transport readers to Tamil Nadu, whose Parava fishing community practices a syncretic form of Catholicism, before continuing westward to uncover the important role of spiced karimeen fish served up in Keralan palm toddy shops. Farther up the coast in Karnataka, the author describes the preparation of Mangalore’s bangda curry (made with Indian mackerel) in mouth-watering detail, while a big-game fishing episode in Goa brings to mind Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. Readers will come away with a new perspective on Mumbai, where Subramanian attempts to track down the near-forgotten cuisine of the city’s long-established Koli fishermen. Finally, no seafood dishes are profiled in the closing chapter on majority-vegetarian Gujarat, though the author does shine a light on local boat-building techniques and traditions.

Find it on Amazon: amzn.to/3dfdann
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This is one of the most beautiful natural poolsLocated on the island of Thassos in the northern part of the Aegean Sea this natural pool is one of the hidden gems in Greece.

Surrounded by rocks the pool is un-spottable by tourists and even few locals know about its existence, or just try to keep it a secret. The pool’s formation reminds a hole on the cliffs that is 3 meters deep with rocky bottom and crystal clear green waters. The pools water is supplied directly from the sea from the underground water resources or when the waves are high , so the filtering is done naturally.

One would expect this miraculous place to gather tourists and locals but because it is cut off and almost in the middle of nowhere the opposite is happening. The effort to spot it and hiking required to get there keeps the crowds away and only during the summer months some young adventure seekers can be met.

What about you, have you ever swam in a gorgeous natural pool like this?
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Unique Tripz published a note.
Unique Tripz

How the travel industry will shift after the COVID pandemicAirlines are working on feverish plans to adapt to the new unfavourable environment, in order to save what can be saved from the travel industry.

Maybe the distances have been ‘erased’ and it is easier than ever to travel the world, the pandemic, however, drastically changed the obvious and turned even the closest journey to an Odyssey. Coronavirus has decimated the travel industry, and social distancing is hard to squeeze into the limited squares of an airplane, a ship or even a hotel unit.

According to the latest news that’s what we have to expect from now on.

Inside the airplanes

The flights will be more difficult, more unpleasant and more expensive. A smaller number of airlines will use reduced routes and will apply social distance measures, ie fewer passengers, which of course will significantly increase the cost of tickets.

The distance that must be maintained between passengers will currently be achieved by leaving the intermediate seats empty. This is a painful solution for the already bleeding airlines, as it will reduce the fullness to 2/3 at best. Passengers will be required to wear face masks, at least for the next months and companies will intensify the protocol for cleaning and disinfecting the inside of aircraft.

After and before each trip, a special disinfectant spray will be used, in addition to the standard cleaning. However, structural changes to the aircraft's interior cabin also appear to be being considered. An Italian company has already invented a patent for the seats of the economy class. It is a plastic that attaches between the seats, creating something like separate private rooms and reducing the risk of infection. It's almost like a plexiglass screen that separates passengers.

Also, airlines may no longer offer pillows and blankets. Instead, they will provide a care kit for hand cleaning and hygiene.


The check-in process is expected to change dramatically in the post-COVID-19 era. Puerto Rico's International Airport already offers a window into the future. The most immediate and perhaps most visible change will be the cessation of the exchange of travel documents between staff and passengers. Automation across the sector will be the new norm.

Biometrics are already a widely accepted solution for authentication and their use will become more widespread as physical fingerprints and hand scanners are removed. No more touch options will be enabled, including contactless fingerprints as well as face recognition.

A thermal imaging camera will scan passengers, activating an alarm when a temperature above 37.8 is recorded. In this case the passenger will be removed for further evaluation. It is likely that a coronavirus test will be performed on the spot. This tactic is expected to be used at most central airports.

Passengers will be asked to complete a health questionnaire online. In fact, with the consent of the passenger, travel companies may use personal data such as age, underlying diseases and general history to create an individual profile in relation to whether one belongs to vulnerable groups or not.


For now, let's forget about the rich breakfast buffet and the smiling service. It is wiser to accept the thermometer and eliminate the traditional room key. Hotel guests are expected to experience a different experience the next time they pass the gate of a hotel, wherever it is located.

All hotel groups will adopt new cleaning techniques. An example is the Hilton chain, which investigates the use of electrostatic sprayers, which evenly disinfect large areas. Marriott has already announced that it will use them to clean rooms and public areas, while testing the technology of ultraviolet radiation.

It is said that the traditional room phone will be replaced by guest mobile phones, through which they will be able to access specially packaged room services that will be delivered outside their door and without contact. Masks and gloves will be ubiquitous and disinfectant wipes will be the latest additions to public spaces and personal care sets.

There will be a check so that many people do not enter the elevator at the same time. Finally, a special protocol will be designed for suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19. The "Four Seasons" in New York already uses only one entrance where the temperature of each person is controlled. Finally, there will be nursing staff at all major hotel units.

Cruise ships

Floating means will not be an exception and they will also undergo huge changes. These include passenger health inspections and emergency plans in the event of a shipwreck. Strict protocols for disinfection and provision of protective equipment to staff are considered prerequisites.

Genting Cruise Lines, a Hong Kong-based company that owns many cruise ships, has already introduced new operating standards, including: a ban on self-service buffets, obligation for all passengers to pass temperature checks on boarding and disembarking and all crew members are equipped with masks from housekeepers to food service providers. While passengers over 70 years of age are required to provide a doctor's note.

Even if leisure travel seems far away at the moment, people will not stop exploring the planet. Quieter and more distant destinations will become popular and everything will be adapted to the new precaution measures. At least for the first months, airlines will try to attract consumer interest with discounts and offers, for those who are brave enough to deal with the above shift.

Stay tuned we are planning to introduce you with new unique destinations that are less known and more ‘friendly’ to travel after the pandemic ends.
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