Who We Are

Couple in life and travellers in the soul. Based in Greece but our feet take us everywhere! We like exploring new places, meeting new cultures and people, having fun and tasting exotic foods. Our purpose is not only to enjoy every moment of our trips but also to spread the world about unique destinations, experiences and unveil stories through our photography.

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Vladee | The curious travel addict

The man behind the Unique Tripz idea: I started my trips in 2011 when i was 27 and since then i have not stopped. All destinations on this planet are unique but my favourite is Southeast Asia where i can find a plethora of street food, adventurous people and a warm climate. I love travelling with friends and having great fun but sometimes i prefer wandering alone, following my own pace, having zero responsibilities and total freedom. My latest activities include travel & business photography, website design, online investing, AirBnB tours and exercising during my free time. If you are planning a trip to Greece come to find me, let's share our stories!

travel photography by unique tripz

Eugenie | The goodtime seeker

The lady behind the scenes: My name is Eugenie or Eva for short and i am in a constant quest of having a good time. After finishing my studies as an economist i found my passion for travelling, dancing and fashion. I love relaxing on the beach reading books, taking photos and playing with my dog. But except for being lazy, i am also an adventurer and try to never miss a chance to go trekking, climbing or exploring a new country. I assist and organize the sightseeing part in our trips and keep notes for our travel articles. If you share the same hobbies or ideas contact me, i would love to meet same-minded people.

What We Do

Except for travelling, sharing our adventures and having fun, we also like helping others to travel safe, comfortable and as cheap as possible by recommending our resources, sharing tips and finding promotions & deals. The one thing though that makes a significant difference and keeps us happy is supporting the local communities and spreading inspiration to people we meet at the places we travel.

We Travel

To travel is to live, and we live to travel! No matter what happens to our lives and what difficulties pop up, we stay strong and try to find our balance through travelling. We believe it is essential for our well being. Start travelling now and change the way you see the world!

We Have Fun

Travelling alone or with friends sometimes is not so important. What really is the key is having fun! We love trying activities new to us. Maybe trekking on volcanos, playing with locals or experimenting with bizarre food. Don't be afraid to try new things in your live, it's so much fun!

We Support

We like supporting the communities at the places we travel, either by working closely with local artisans and promoting their crafts, sharing amazing tours curated by hill tribe guides or by helping local businesses in online marketing projects. We also contribute to a family in Africa via iNGO.

We Search Travel Deals

One of the things we enjoy the most is searching for our next destination. We browse through various airline companies, online travel agents and look for secret offers so we can get the best deals available. Join us and let's find your next adventure together.

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Latest Work

Can you imprint your unique moments, express your travel stories and show amazing places you have visited through a photo? Damn Yes! and that's what we do... We have passion for photography and we love sharing our work, our moments. It makes us joyful and creative. But except for taking shots for fun, we also undertake projects for social media marketing purposes. We have worked with several businesses such as boutique hotels, hostels, restaurants, cafes and artisans. From simple social media marketing projects with beautiful photos to building professional websites or e-commerce stores. You can find more about our projects on the Work With Us page.

kallisti boutiqueοικονομικη φωτογραφιση επιχειρησεωνφωτογραφιση για social mediatravel photography greecesantorini where to stayφωτογραφιση για social mediaφωτογραφιση για social media

Live an Xperience

Are you excited exploring new destinations, hidden beaches and trails, cafes that would be ideal to take a shot for your Instagram page. Do you share the same hunger for delicious and bizarre street food or maybe you like making friends in every place you travel to? Whatever is the ideal excuse for you to get in the plane with your backpack come find us and let's live amazing experiences together! Book our private tours or contact us to ask more.


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Our Partners

We cooperate with well known worldwide companies for our trips and purchases. It is essential for us to work with the best. This way, through our experience, we can suggest you quality services and products at the best price.

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