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While it’s great to share a new trip and live experiences with your loved ones, traveling alone can really prove to be an unforgettable experience. Did you ever think that to change your life and discover yourself and who you really are, all you have to do is get into an airplane, ship, train or even your motorbike and take the roads on your own.

Yes, this is true… and if the idea of wandering around in far away countries alone seems strange to you, we are here to give you eight reasons why you should start traveling solo right away! keep reading to find out how to get along well.

Meet new people

No matter if you are extroverted or introverted out of your nature, a journey on your own is a good opportunity to engage with people, get to know other travelers, exchange point of views with locals and why not to become even a friend with them. Note that often people who are on their own seem more accessible to third parties. The key to this is to have your mind open and stay precautious a the same time especially if you are in a foreign country or a destination you are visiting for the first time.

Learn to be alone

Discover yourself better and learn to enjoy who you are. It is a chance to devote time to yourself, to find out what you like most and at what you are good at. Depending on the destination, a solo journey can also emerge into a powerful, introverted and unique experience of life that will bring you a step closer to your being.

You learn to make decisions easier

When you travel alone you only have to do with your decisions. And it’s as simple as it sounds. You will see for yourself that as soon as you return from the solo journey you have just made, you will make decisions much more easily.


Enhance your character

If you consider yourself to be a weak character, a solitary journey is an ideal challenge to revise and begin to believe more in yourself. As soon as you take the big step – dining alone in a restaurant, visiting a bar yourself, and even making a long journey alone – you will realize that you have overcome your fears and will feel even stronger. And indeed, if this trip will prove to be more enjoyable, then you will realize that you can cope and achieve much more than you ever thought before.

Learn foreign languages easier

If you travel as a couple or with a group of friends, it is a fact that you are stuck in your native tongue, as you can get in touch with those around you easily and quickly. If you are traveling alone, this is so different, as you will “be forced” to speak the local language or at least English in order to communicate with the locals. So traveling alone helps practice and “solve” your language.

Do what you want when you want it

You do not have to adapt your program to anyone and anything. Schedule your time as you want! Do you want to spend your whole day on the beach? You will not be accountable to anyone. Do you just want to enjoy bar hopping? You will not feel guilty for anyone. In general, you have the freedom to spend your time as you want.

You live the ultimate freedom

You are totally independent, you have no one over your head and the only one you are interested in is yourself. It may sound selfish, and it is a little bit, but we all need a little time alone with ourselves.

You’ll have unique stories to share

Few are the ones who have adventure inside them. Maybe because they didn’t have the opportunity to explore or were depending on their travel mates to do things together. But if you traveling alone you are ‘forced’ to discover new things and new places all the time. Every new day is a whole new adventure that leads to beautiful and amazing stories to remember and share when you are back home. So do not hesitate to become a storyteller, postpone your dreamed trips no more!

Hope we resolved your doubts about solo traveling and you feel more ready than before to make your first trip all by yourself. For those who have already traveled alone let us know your thoughts and your experiences below.

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