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Oh my God, what blue are you spending to keep us from seeing you!

Odysseus Elytis (Famous Greek poet)

Only with this verse, we could give a sense of sea in Greece. In the country we are living, almost everywhere you come across blue, from the blue of the sunny sky to the blue of the refreshing sea. But we will restrict ourselves to the 11 most distinct beaches that are worth visiting because it will be an investment in your soul!

Let’s start with the beaches of Pelion in the prefecture of Magnesia, Central Greece.

Agios Ioannis, Pelion (Plaka beach)

Within walking distance of the village and beach of Agios Ioannis, on the side of the Aegean Sea, Plaka is a coast with colourful, small pebbles and green vegetation, which in some spots extends up to the seashore and with its shade, allows you to enjoy and relax even at noon. This beach is actually hidden from the most tourist eyes and only locals are aware of its existence. Plaka is perfect for nature lovers and not organized with sun loungers and umbrellas but for those who wish to have those comforts, there is a small beach bar nearby with an amazing view and great cocktails.

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Plaka beach frome above

Agioi Saranta, Pelion

In the northeastern part of Pelion, 47 km from the centre of Volos, the beach of Agioi Saranta owes its name to the homonymous chapel of the area. The coast is washed by the waters of the Aegean, it is covered with fine sand and white pebbles and has a minimum of umbrellas and deck chairs. The crystal clear water of the sea is an ideal choice for diving away from crowds. The scenery with the tall rocks standing behind the beach with the the huge rock “monk” (so called because the rock looks like a bent monk) create a unique setting, which you will definitely capture with your photographic lens. Access to the coast is easy by car but during the high season, it is really hard to find a parking space.

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Agioi Saranta, Pelion

Potistika, Pelion

Potistika is an amazing beach of south-eastern Pelion, facing the Aegean side. With the blue waters of the Aegean which are always clean and calm it is a perfect place for couples and families. The natural environment, the long sandy beach, the clear waters, the green make up a fantastic atmosphere for relaxation and refreshment. Remember to bring your own sun umbrella as there is almost no shadow and loungers at all. Food and refreshments are provided from a nearby restaurant bar.

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Potistika beach, Pelion

Lalaria, Skiathos

At the northeastern part of the beautiful island of Skiathos is the Lalaria Beach. It is a really magnificent landscape and a very famous beach, admirable for many years by visitors around the world. The characteristic part of the beach is the huge stone with the famous hole in the middle. Except that Lalaria is surrounded by stunning rocks that start from the top of the slope and end up on the back of the shore. Its round white pebbles called ”lalaria” covers the entire beach for millions of years now. The only way to visit the beach is through the sea, starting in the morning with a local tourist boat from the harbour or by renting a private speedboat.

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Lalaria beach

Porto Katsiki, Lefkada

Porto Katsiki is located on the island of Lefkada at the Ionian sea. With its imposing rocks that are dyed in orange colour at every sunset, this beach has been voted one of the 6 best beaches in the Mediterranean. It is really a wonderful place that words cannot describe until you witness the beauty yourself. Porto Katsiki is accessible only by 80 steep steps descending along the cliff. This is one of the most favourite beaches of the island and it is considered to be a major attraction.

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Porto Katsiki, Lefkada island

Armenistis, Chalkidiki

The beach is long in length and is surrounded by green forest, impressing with the white sand and crystal clear aquamarine waters. From the beach you will have a magical view as you can see across the Mount Athos and the Agion Oros monastery. Don’t forget to stay till late to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

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Armenistis beach

Elafonisi, Crete

Elafonisi is located at the southwest edge of the prefecture of Chania, on the island of Crete, and it is something between an island and a peninsula. It is a place of special natural beauty and a protected area of ‘Natura’. You would say that nature did its miracle here! What characterizes Elafonisi and makes it exotic, see the Philippines, is the small islets with the very fine white sand that rises in several places and the turquoise shallow waters.

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Elafonisi, Crete

Sarakiniko, Milos

Sarakiniko is a unique place of beauty to enjoy the sea and swimming. The landscape looks like lunar as no trace of vegetation is left, and the volcanic rocks from which it is formed have a white colour. Its name was taken from the Saracen pirates who used it as a base station. If you look closely around you might see some bindings from their ships. In Sarakiniko you will find a small beach for the lovers of sand, but especially beautiful rocks to lay your towels and dive in the crystal blue waters. The beach is not organized. For those who like snorkelling, we recommend that they have the right equipment with them. Avoid visiting this beach when a strong north wind blows.

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Sarakiniko, Milos island

Myrtos, Kefallonia

In the Ionian Sea, Myrtos of Kefallonia, the largest island in the Ionian Sea, holds its scepter. The visitor arrives at Myrtos, on the north side of the island, after driving about 45 minutes from the capital Argostoli, to find an endless beach with small white pebbles. The view over Myrtos simply leaves the visitor speechless, as the impressive landscape compensates even the most demanding tourist!

Myrtos in Kefallonia

Elafonisos, Peloponnisos

Elafonnisos does not offer many activities … and that’s what its visitors are looking for. This tiny Greek island is a mosaic of colourful flowers, soft white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Elafonnisos is a perfect getaway destination with tranquil waters, ideal for snorkelling and relaxing on the beach reading a book.

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Elafonisos island

Vrika – Votoumi, Antipaxos

Vrika, along with nearby Voutoumi, are two beautiful beaches in Antipaxos and at the same time the smallest in size. It is one of the most famous beaches of the Ionian Sea. Nestled in the middle of a small cove, it is completely covered with fine white sand coming from the calcareous terrain of the island. Sand that fills the bay all the way to the open and gives this wonderful colour to the waters, from open turquoise to deep green, which combined with the vegetation that reaches the coast give the beach a heavenly look.

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Vrika beach, Antipaxos

So, those were the top 11 beaches, in our opinion, to explore when you are in Greece. Of course, that doesn’t mean that hundreds of other beaches are not beautiful or not worth visiting. Every corner of Greece has a picturesque beach hidden somewhere… it’s up to us to discover them.

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